Terms & Conditions

Falcon cars reserve the right to revise any of the terms and conditions and its prices listed on this website and will come into effect soon after posted here:

  1. Any quotation for the journey will be valid only 24 hours.

  2. No booking is considered as accepted until it's confirmed by e-mail or on the phone as a text message, in person in the office, or if you book online until your payment is authorized and by email

  3. For all Airport pickups, we do monitor the flights, whether coming early or delayed there will be no extra charge but if you miss your flight coming into any of the UK Airports, it is your responsibility to call the office and inform us immediately.

  4. All drivers are self-employed, fully insured (with hire & reward insurance) Public Carriage Office registered plus personally responsible for all goods & persons carried, therefore does not accept any liability for persons, personal belongings or any goods carried. Unless it should be proven that did not ensure that drivers insurance was up-to-date.

Contracts with passengers

Under the guidance of Divisional Court judgement December 2021

  1. Speedy Radio Cars Ltd (T/a Falcon Cars) are responsible as an licensed operator for any private hire booking made by any customer whether on telephone, mobile App or on our website for the transportation of passengers or goods until the journey is completed

  2. By the time of booking is accepted and is completed a mutual contract between us and the passenger(person) who is making the private hire booking is in place

  3. We will confirm any booking by text message or email in case of app booking

  4. Before accepting we will describe all the charges cash/card on acceptance of the person

    making the booking or( in case of APP or Web booking where you can see the charges first)

    we will confirm the booking by the described earlier

  5. It is our Speedy Radio Cars responsibility in every case whether any complaint or you have

    lost anything in the car

  6. If you want to cancel your journey passenger(person made the private hire booking) need to

    call on our office number and ask for cancellation at least 30 minute prior to booking time

    and in case of Airport pickups at least 2 hours of booked time

  7. Any complaint about the journey should be directly reported to us by phone or by email

  8. Any lost item should be directly reported to us ASAP

  9. We are not charging any VAT on cash/card booking

  10. In case of cash private hire booking it’s your responsibility to have cash ready at the end of

    the journey to be collected by the driver


We reserve the right to apply a surcharge to:

  • out of area to out of area journeys

  • Airport and station pick-ups.

  • Christmas, New Year and other Bank Holiday journeys

  • additional stops on route

  • Periods of extreme weather or road conditions.

  • Journeys out of standard business hours.

  • peak hours

App Bookings

We don’t accept any cash booking through our mobile App. All the journeys must be paid in advance

Once the journey is booked and the payment is made you will receive email confirmation of your journey

You can cancel your journey from your App at any time
If we cannot cover your booking we will let you know by a phone call or an email

By making a booking from the App it is assumed that you have agreed our terms and conditions.

Any diversion in your journey will not be entertain until you amend your booking in your App and confirmed


  1. 1. Except of inbound journeys from airports that must be paid in by credit card in advance we accept payment for all other journeys by cash, card or Credit card.

  2. Cash payments are made directly to the driver who will issue a receipt at point of payment. (Point of payment being the end of the contracted journey).

  3. Where a booking is made by credit card and the passenger/s choose alternative destinations to those booked, the driver will charge any differences which should be made in cash (pounds sterling) after receiving a quote for any differences from the control centre.

  4. Where the journey is a shorter distance than that booked a refund will not be made (either in full or in part) as you have not inform us of any change/s and are in breach of the contracted journey. please see

  5. Deal with enquiries and complaints made by or about you relating to the website and your journeys booked in advance.

  6. A booking can only be cancelled on the phone or email in the office.

  7. A price increase of 100% of the listed price will be charged on the following dates, 24th, 25th, 26th and31st of December and on 1st of January as well.

  8. For Airports pickups. we give first 40 minute free of charge after your flights lands, after that you will be charged 0.30 pence per minute as waiting time.

  9. For residential pickups first 10 minute is free provided you come out within 10 minute, otherwise you will be charged for the whole waiting @ 0.30 per minute. Our prices are based that you will be ready to travel at the time and the place previously arranged.

  10. 10. If we cannot make any contact with you at the residential pickups by ringing your doorbell or on the phone or at the airports you will be charged full fare. Please make sure that your contact telephone no is switched on any problem contact this office within 15 minute of your booked time

Confirmation of bookings:

  1. 1. The driver is there to help you load/unload your luggage; he is not responsible for any damage or missing any luggage. Please make sure your entire luggage is loaded/unloaded.

  2. For cash payments & payments made by card: we will notify you upon receipt of your booking request by return email, phone call or test message that your booking has been accepted and confirmed.

  3. The offices are opened 24 hours a day 7 days a week so should you need any follow up confirmations please
    call us on +44(0)203-588-0448.


1. At this time there are no exceptions.


1. It is your responsibility to have read and understood terms & conditions, & privacy policies prior to ordering a vehicle. Ordering a vehicle confirms acceptance of our terms & conditions,& privacy policies without reservation.

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