We, Falcon cars always gives our customers something extra with our services. Here we will give you some safety tips while you hire minicabs or taxi for your journey. This basic notable tips will make you delightful in your travel time. Keep in mind in hiring minicab services, you must always book through a licensed operator. Using an illegal PHV is dangerous and shouldn’t be trusted. We have listed some tips for staying safe when commuting with a Private Hire Vehicle.



Safety tips while travelling, it is a good idea to do the following:

  • Advance map your full journey – you are spending hours of planning what you wear or how to wear, but never have advanced planned your journey. Think you destination places & get some knowledge about them, it is important for perfect traveling.
  • Pre-book minicab or taxis – through Falcon Cars you can pre- book minicabs anywhere in London. Falcon cars is licensed PHV which offers best licensed drivers. For online booking we have website, mobile app and various partner websites carrying our logo.
  • Arrange trip with your friends who will be sharing the vehicle home, as it’s always safer to travel in a group and cheaper to split the cab fare between you.
  • Tell someone before leaving any event if you going to travel using a minicabs or taxi, if possible give them more details about your service provider.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before you go out and has credit on it.
  • When the minicab arrives at your place, first of all check that the licensed minicab driver knows your name and destination, BEFORE you get in.
  • Minicab Inspecting – By law of govt. licensed minicabs or taxies must have to stick yellow diamond stickers on the front & rear windscreens of the vehicle. So before getting in, please check this for your safety.
  • Note number of minicab & driver’s license number & give your nearest on for extra precautions. If you have Smartphone than you can take photo and send it.
  • Always sit in the back of the vehicle!
  • Carry your mobile phone in your hand so it is easily accessible.
  • Watch which route the taxi driver is taking and if he is going the wrong way challenge him.
  • If you have a problem with a driver’s behavior, or you believe a vehicle to be unlicensed – do report it immediately. Find out what you need to do and who to contact to make a complaint here.
  • If in doubt don`t get in the taxi! call and confirm, or just request a different Taxi.


Finally, have fun with your minicab, but ALWAYS take safety measures while getting into minicab